Friday, November 30, 2012

Update on the angel

So are you all wondering if I am finished the angel?  Not quite!!!  I am so glad that I did not leave all the over one stitching to the end. I finished the feet this afternoon just before supper and I thought my eyes were going cross-eyed.  A lot of concentration to make sure that the stitches are all done correctly and that I don't miss any and guess what... I am doing my happy counting... 5 more stitches left, 4 more stitches left, 3 more stitches left, and I get down to 1/2 stitch left and don't you know it - I spot a little tiny hole... guess what I was saying bleep, bleep... yup there was a missed stitch and of course it was a different colour than what I had in my needle and yes, you would have noticed the colour difference. So I did what any respectable stitcher would do, I finished off my thread, found the right colour and stitched that final one! And then I was done for the day! (Besides it was almost time for supper. lol)
Until the next time, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hugs Louise

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